Four years of apartments

August 2010-July 2011: Oakwood Avenue, White Plains

My first post-college apartment was obtained while I was sitting in a dorm room at an American-style school in rural England, where I’d signed on to assistant-teach English out of a sense of ennui and, really, absolutely no options anyway. My mom and sister checked out the apartment on Craigslist and said it looked good.

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[whispers]The attitude of the gossip/social internet towards the news that Eva Mendes is pregnant has been actually despicable — you don’t have to be excited for her or whatever, but that is a real-life fetus/will be a real-life baby you’re wishing didn’t exist so Rachel McAdams, or I guess you, could “have a chance with” that actor — and among the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen.[/]